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Site Sponsorships

Site and Channel Sponsorships
  Site and Channel Sponsorships provide major financial support for our efforts to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive online resource to our community. In return, Channel Sponsors receive prominent visibility throughout the sponsored channel and Site Sponsors receive prominent visibility throughout the site . Our area residents and visitors will notice your contribution and appreciate your support.
Channel Sponsorships



A main area, or "Channel", of the site is required to be sponsored for six months to become a Channel Sponsor.  A Premium Business Directory is included as well as:

1 - Your Channel will feature your business in the About Our Sponsor area on the left sidebar of its "Home Page" with a link to your Business Directory Page.

2 - Channel Sponsor's receive both top and bottom page exposure on the pages of their sponsored Channel, which are usually Business Directory Category Pages. A "Sponsored By [Your business Name]" will display the Channel's page header. In addition, a 350x60 banner ad will display on the center bottom of the page above the footer links on the Channel's pages.

3 - A Top of Page 468x60 Static Run-of-Site Banner Ad for one year is included.

Site Sponsorships

4 - A main area, or "Channel", Sponsor with one year contract is a Site Sponsor.
For an annual Channel Sponsorship commitment, a Site Sponsor receives a run-of-site 120x60 static ad randomly rotating with other Site Sponsors in the "Site Sponsor" area of site header.

Site Sponsors also receive all the benefits of a Channel Sponsor. 


Contact us today for more information on the benefits of becoming a Site or Channel Sponsor today! 

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