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Websites and the Need for an Internet Presence 

Having a presence on the internet is a must in today's advertising world.  The days are gone where businesses could cover most of their market by simply advertising in the local newspaper or print yellow pages. The internet has to be considered or you could be missing over 60% of your advertising sales leads.

A study has revealed that print yellow pages are no longer the main way customers seek local information. The internet (through search engines, local directories etc.) is now the top way consumers look for local information. In 2008, for the first time, search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN were the leading source of information for local customers.

The message for local businesses is simple: Your business needs to be found on the internet and a website presence is essential in achieving it.  It is the most powerful advertising tool and can be tied all other advertising.  It can be mentioned in radio, TV, and print advertising.    

Low Country Today websites provide for the inclusion of search engine friendly content.  Charleston area businesses manage their websites with the ease of using a Microsoft Word document. This coupled with superior search engine optimization greatly enhances your online advertising and internet marketing for your web site. Call us and let Low Country Today's website development and design team get your website known in the major search engines.

LCT™ Websites 

LCT™ Websites are Low Country Today's innovative website authoring software CMS (content management system) for producing and maintaining dynamic web sites without technical skills. LCT™ Websites is a Web site management tool to produce various types of corporate web sites, e-Stores.

Each site can have its own domain name or operate as sub-domain of Low Country Today. With LCT™ Websites, merchants can operate their own independent e-Stores, and be a part of the Low Country Today e-Mall.

Website design, development and hosting are available. Search engine optimization services and website management services are also available.

Benefits and Features 

Website graphics and web page design characteristics can be quickly setup without technical expertise. Graphics, logos and pictures can be uploaded using only a browser. Skilled web page designers can quickly create unique site designs and modify site page templates to desired requirements. LCT™ Websites can include a variety of e-business and content management application modules like Jobs, Events Calendar, News, Newsletters, Coupons, Polls, Postcards, Real Estate Listings and even a local Business Directory.

Password controlled site administration is 100% browser based; no client side software is required. Authorized site administrators are permitted to access only the site design and content management portlets designated by management.

Site Administrators can publish information on the website without technical or web page design skills. Additional pages can easily be created in real-time, and even be designated as password protected for viewing. Files such as MS Word / Excel / PowerPoint, PDFs, graphics, text files, Web pages, etc. can be quickly uploaded and added to the site. Work-in-progress is supported and date sensitive content is automatically removed from the site.

LCT™ Websites are a low cost advertising tool that ties your advertising campaign together.  Our inexpensive websites are designed for the novice and the expert in website content management. Managing your website is as easy as typing an email, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business.


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